What we believe


  1. The scriptures to be the infallible, preserved, and complete source of knowledge and wisdom to throughly furnish the children of God in all areas of thought and life.
  2. According to the scriptures, in the three-in-one Godhead, namely the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. That God has decreed all things without exception for His purpose and pleasure.
  4. That God through His Son is the sovereign Creator of all things natural and spiritual.
  5. That God is at least the ultimate cause of all things, providentially moving His creation to glorify Himself for the benefit of His children.
  6. That according to the plan and purpose of God, mankind fell in Adam, that his sin and eternal punishment are inescapable consequences of such, save in the eternally salvific work of God through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  7. That God in His everlasting covenant through the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world purposed to save His people, and it is this promise by which His plan of salvation is outlined.
  8. That the man Christ Jesus is exclusively the mediator between God and man in the everlasting covenant.
  9. That the will of God and man are bound by nature, that man naturally has no will to come to God nor to put faith in Him, except that His Holy Spirit quicken to life the new man of the child of God and causes such faith.
  10. That God is the sole source of the effectual call to cause His children to come to spiritual life, and that He shall do so for His elect.
  11. That the children of God have been made just or justified from eternity according to the righteous faith of Jesus Christ.
  12. That the child of God’s position in His spirit family is that of adopted sons, joint-heirs with His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  13. That legal sanctification is in the Son of God for the benefit of His spiritual brethren, and that His Holy Spirit only shall set apart His people in a holy fashion through causing them to know and obey the word of our Lord.
  14. That the faith which has saved the children of God eternally is the faith of Christ, and that a guaranteed benefit of salvation is the cause of the Holy Spirit to cause the children of the Lord to place faith in Christ.
  15. That the children of God are definitely guided and caused by the Lord to love Him through obedience to His word, His commandments which are written on the hearts of His people, and that this is part and parcel of His promised blessing upon the members of His holy family.
  16. That good works do not merit eternal life but as a benefit of His wonderful salvation, His people are made to be cheerful givers to the Lord, zealous of good works.
  17. That by the work of the Holy Spirit, His saints shall persevere in His faith to the end.
  18. That the saints are assured of grace and salvation by the revealing work of the Holy Spirit in His word and in deed, which is love for the brethren.
  19. That the law of God for the Christian is not only written on their spiritual hearts, but are likewise commanded to them in the scriptures for an eternal record.
  20. That the gospel is the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word made flesh, to redeem only and all those given to Him by God the Father according to the everlasting covenant, and that without exception there is nothing more to be done by any in order to add to this complete mission.
  21. That Christian liberty and liberty of conscience to obey God alone against unscriptural decrees from man and earthly states are provided for in the scriptures.
  22. That the local Christian assembly is the church where the saints of God gather with regularity and delight in the full counsel of the word of God and find spiritual rest through belief in the declared gospel.
  23. That man is obligated to fulfill his word even in vows and oaths except when they are in contradiction to the scriptures.
  24. That the Lord has ordained all civil magistrates for the good of His people, and that we are to obey them in all ways except when their decrees may run contrary to God’s revealed will.
  25. That marriage is an institution of God between male and female, is a vow between these with the Lord as their primary witness, and that no other than the Lord can lay claim to a dominion over it.
  26. That the church is a local and visible assembly of baptized believers whose exclusive head is Christ by His word, and that each body is autonomous one from another and apart from all other institutions.
  27. That the saints delight in and are found to be under commandment to love one another in service and in the regular worship of their sovereign Lord.
  28. That baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the only two ordinances for His church to observe regularly and when necessary, and that the elements of the Lord’s Supper are only unleavened bread and wine which are only symbols to memorialize the death of the Savior.
  29. That baptism is for believers who have shown forth fruits of repentance, and is only in a particular mode of immersion, and can only be administered by the church who may select an agent within its membership to give baptism.
  30. That the Lord’s Supper is reserved only for the members of the local church who administers it.
  31. That the child of God after death is immediately in the presence of the Lord, to enjoy Him in perfect worship forever, and looks forward to a future glorification and resurrection in a heavenly body.
  32. That Christ in His own future and appointed time will come to execute judgment against the wicked, to rid His creation of the presence of sin, to cast into the lake of fire death, hell, Satan, and all transgressors of His holy law.